Patient Education

Patient Education has been a big part of Dr. Dixon’s practice for over 25 years.  Now, we are able to offer the same patient education to our patients through this link along with the booklets we have been giving our patients.  Many times, being able to visualize what will happen during a procedure or surgery is enough to ease some of the anxiety associated with the process.  We hope that you will learn from this tool.  Use the link below to browse our video and interactive General Surgery educational tools.

In addition to those videos and booklets, Dr. Dixon and his nurse have gathered more information that is very useful to our patients.  YOU, the patient, can make an incredible difference in your health by implementing some healthy lifestyle habits.  You will see the “Jerry Dixon MD Bowel Pyramid” and other useful information in our site by visiting Professional Resources.  Many times patients ask about the fiber content in foods.  There is a great list of foods there as well.  Preparation for certain tests and procedures can also be found on the Resources page.