Most likely, NO. Appointments are made by primary care providers for consultation with Dr Dixon. Your appointment is made so that you can be evaluated and discuss the possibility of surgery. As we plan your surgery, we will ask questions about your current medications and allergies.  Sometimes, it may be needed that you visit with the Anesthesia Department before the day of your surgery.  They will also ask a lot of questions about your health and current medications.  Everyone wants your surgery to proceed without complications.

#3 Medical Park Dr., Suite 201, Benton, AR.   Our office is on the 2nd floor of Medical Office Building A, just on the north side of Saline Memorial (connected by a sky bridge), Suite 201. 

Bring your insurance card, photo ID and list of medications. Also, be prepared to pay your co-pay at the time of the visit. Cash, Checks, Credit and Debit cards are accepted.

Hours for our office are 8:30-4:30, Monday- Friday . Closed for lunch.

There is a staff member at the Benton office every day. Clinic patients are seen at various times during the week, based on Dr Dixon’s surgery schedule. 

Length of recovery time is very different for each type of surgery. Please come to your consultation appointment with questions such as this. Dr. Dixon is very open to answer any question. Recovery is different for each person, too. So, even though Dr. Dixon will give you some idea of what to expect, individual experiences can vary from person to person.

When you have been ordered to only consume “clear liquids”, it is because anything else will continue to produce stool in the intestines. Consider that “clear” liquids can be held up to the light and you can see through them. An example would be that real orange juice is NOT clear but orange flavored drink such as Kool-Aid or Gatorade would be considered “clear”. Coffee is clear WITHOUT creamer (even powdered creamer). Jello and popsicles are considered to be “clear” liquids.

Yes, take your bowel prep just as it was directed to you. There is a reason the amount of liquid is prescribed and the entire amount needs to be consumed to make sure you are completely clean.